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Spectra Coaching is for individuals who want to be clear about what they want from life.

Individuals who wish to pursue life with passion because they have cleared away or are aware of obstacles that have blocked them in the past.

This can mean different things for each person. You could be needing a change professionally and require assistance in the path to take and making the career transition, or you could be satisfied at work, but want to grow and explore options that impact on your career advancement or work life balance. Coaching gives you a fresh perspective on personal challenges, enhancing decision making skills, growing interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence and increasing confidence.

Our goal is to assist you in having a satisfying and happier life in every aspect, reaching a higher level of self actualisation. Professionally, we want to assist you to be more effective and skilled at your work and achieve improved results.

Coaching is also a key skill for leaders to develop and a tool for developing leaders and creating a leadership culture. Research shows that leaders are more effective when they adopt a coaching style. If you wish to pursue coaching as a leadership or management style or as a career, enquire about our accredited programs.

When engaging us to deliver coaching services we flex to meet your needs. We can meet face to face or speak via telephone, skype or web room, or provide a combination of in person and virtual sessions. We know you are busy and we will help you make the most of the time that you do have.

Get in touch and have a chat about where you’re at, and where you’d like to be.

Tapping into the collective potential of a management group can change the successes of not only the team, but your entire organisation.

Spectra Coaching is a long-term investment for advanced business performance. It is the most cost effective way of getter higher performance from key individuals. Investment in Spectra Coaching is evidence of a company’s commitment to developing supportive organisational culture with high morale. Coaching assists with retention of key employees and avoids:

  • The cost of unnecessary retraining
  • The loss of company knowledge to competitors when employees leave
  • A reduction in productivity when personnel leave

Other key benefits direct to staff include:

  • Upskilling in communication
  • Moving from a ‘telling’ culture to an ‘asking’ culture
  • Building ownership in teams

We will come and work within your team after receiving a full brief of where you’d like them to take your business. Changing the way you have conversations in your workplace will change the culture of your workplace.

We work with blocks of team sessions, day workshops or a combination of both, depending on your requirements.

If you have sessions that you want to run but require an outsider’s perspective or assistance, we also facilitate meetings with your outcomes as our goal.

Contact us for details.

We are not business coaches, however we understand what it is like to be in business.

And we know there are some real challenges that, once overcome, will have a knock on effect of assisting your business to achieve it’s aspirations.

We work with Small Business Owners, Directors, CEOs, Executives – anyone involved in the decision making area of running a business.

We enjoy coaching business leaders; aligning business goals, strategic direction and challenges, leadership and communication skills whilst supporting them to also achieve their personal goals.

Often this group of people are time poor, and resources are not put towards themselves – this has a detrimental effect on the business and the person individually, where the words ‘work/life balance’ are often said with some cynicism. We would like to assist you in refreshing this aspect of your work and your life.

Our coaching looks to grow the individual with the aim of assisting the business. We want to make sure that you understand and leverage your own value. We work on emotional intelligence, we work on leadership and we work on bringing more personal and professional value to the business.

Need to know more? Just want to chat through where you’re at to see if we can help? Contact us.

We also offer services in these areas:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Train the trainer
  • Mentee and Mentor training
  • Ditching the imposter syndrome
  • Virtual workshops
  • Family business transition meetings (succession planning)
  • Strategic planning

“Sharon was my leadership coach for a year. As we live in different countries our coaching sessions were conducted virtually. This was no barrier!
Sharon built rapport with ease. Her professionalism and experience enabled her to seamlessly create a safe and trusting environment for me, the coachee. Sharon’s warmth and humour set the scene for masterful coaching to take place. I cannot recommend Sharon more highly, she is a truly skilled professional.”

Sara Heard

Agri business Facilitator and Coach

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If you would like to know more or would like to start your coaching journey, I would love to hear from you.