All seats are full. You have fantastic managers; things are running smoothly in your organisation.

So why do I think you need to make more leaders?

You’ve probably seen the quote “Leaders aren’t born they are made”. I subscribe to this, and this is what is relevant for your business. For as much as you need to be supporting your current leaders, you – in Human Resources, Board Member, Executive, Owner of the business – or whatever position you are in – you need to also ‘make’ the next group of leaders for your organisation.

This is a task that needs to be shared around your leadership group. Coaching and mentoring is an important part of every leader’s role. Instilling this into your business will not only assist the business in ensuring that your next round of leaders will be skilled; it will also make employees happier.

Employee experience & business culture
When I come into a business and talk to a leadership team about ‘making new leaders’ I ask about their values, goals, strategic and business direction. In serving these needs, how are conversations had and what is the impact on employee experience and the culture of the business, organisation or Board?

Organisations say they promote people due to their management and technical skills, however how much time is spent on building leaders. The result of this is growing managers that administer when we also need leaders to inspire, motivate, and innovate. I remember wise words a leader shared with me “I will be stuck doing the same job for the rest of my life if I do not share knowledge and empower others”.

Mentoring and Coaching are both powerful strategies to grow leaders:
Mentoring relationships build trust, respect and communication and encourages regular meetings to exchange ideas, discuss progress, develop strengths and set goals. There is an expectation those with wisdom know how to share that wisdom, this is not always the case. Investigate formal mentoring programs that build professional development for Mentors and Mentees to support them in understanding their roles and responsibilities and how to be effective as Mentors and Mentees.

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits including fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence. Businesses and organisations are also providing coach training for managers and leaders within their organisations to provide a strong coaching culture.

We like to be successful and feel valued. A coach and mentoring approach creates positivity, improved relationships, communication, work/life balance and self-confidence.

When it is time to step up to the plate – being it in a promotion, or simply an opportunity to lead a group – that new leader will have more chance of success.

Their success is your success – how are you going to build leaders to enable success in others?



“I will be stuck doing the same job for the rest of my life if I do not share knowledge and empower others”.